Sunday, 10 January 2016

A Winter's Tale (part 1).....

Wow! Winter arrived with a bite this week!  UK winters tend to be mild and damp, with a January average high of 6.6°C and average low of 1.1°C (43.9°F & 34.0°F respectively) so the overnight low of 6°F or -14.4°C was a bit of a shock to the system, particularly for Smokey who wanted, nay needed, to nip outside to do kitty things, but certainly didn't want to hang around any longer than absolutely necessary. To put this in perspective the record low at Manchester Airport is about -17°C or 0°F.  I was here for some of the winter last year, but this cold snap still came as a surprise; it was definitely time to break out the hats, gloves and scarves. A couple of milder (and wetter) days gave some relief, but this evening we are back to windy and cold conditions. Brrr!

Nevertheless the weather was largely bright and sunny which made ideal conditions for sewing.  On Monday I got one quilt sandwiched and pin basted and part of Tuesday was spent removing a border from a quilt top, inserting an extra column of blocks, adding some extra border pieces and finally reattaching the removed border.  All this to use up another 8 blocks which turned up as I organised my fabric and projects, but they do add 10" to the width of the quilt, which does make the quilt a better size.

The pattern is Frugal Patch from Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache site and I have been using my scraps to make these blocks on and off for more years than I care to remember! Now this top is completed and there are no blocks left I need to choose a new scrap block to make. I am thinking of Simply Woven from the Moda Bake Shop as in addition to fabric pieces I have a box of binding strip remants to use up.

I now have 2 quilts basted ready to quilt and this flimsy ready to sandwich and baste next week now I have bought some backing fabric. Backing fabric is an exception to the "shop the stash" rule as I much prefer working with single piece backings if I can and I didn't have any extra wide "in stock".  Progress was also made on Circle in a Square - all the circles for the border blocks are cut out and ready to fuse to the background squares.

In news from the non quilty part of my life: both of our sons have settled in well in the local school system and our younger son has been immersing himself in the high school music scene.  This weekend he was part of the pit band for the senior thespians' production of Return to the Forbidden Planet which was most enjoyable and well produced, though it was a shame that the Friday evening show was cancelled due to the forecast of freezing rain.

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  1. Thank you! I assure you that on closer inspection it is less than perfect, but so is life, and a few missing points won't stop it doing its job.

  2. I LOVE Marcia's site, but the Frugal Patch is new to me - what a great block! Your quilt is really cheerful!

  3. What a great scrap busting quilt. I love the pieced sashing. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. What a pretty rainbow of circles. Such a great scrap using pattern. Glad you were able to make it a better size.

  5. Your Frugal Patch quilt is bright, happy, beautiful. It glow with joy! Thanks for including the link to the pattern. It may be one I'll try one of these days.
    Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  6. What a great example of using up scraps to make something beautiful! Thanks for linking to the pattern, have added it to the "would love to make this" list! Enjoyed reading your other posts, too, and getting to "know" a fellow quilter from across the pond.;-)

  7. I love your Frugal Patch! Gorgeous!

  8. Your Frugal Patch is very cool! I'm not familiar with that block, but I really like it!