Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Catching up! Part Two - Knitting

When I travel I knit and I had two projects for my grandchildren that desperately needed finishing off.  So while I was away for just over 2 weeks in May I finally faced the challenge of picking up and knitting the collar on my grandson's sweater and then the final assembly.  I hope he hasn't grown out of it before he gets it.....

I thought I only had to do the neck and front bands on my granddaughter's cute little cardigan, but then discovered I had made the back a whole inch too short! My trip gave me enough time to knit a new back (after several false starts with the lace pattern) and to get this all done too. 

So I now have another package heading across the Atlantic!

My socks have reached the almost finished stage, next I need to make them the same length and cast off.  Warm woolly socks all ready for the summer!

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