Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Midweek update: part 2

This really is today's blog post.

Over the weekend I assembled all the rows for En Provence, trimmed all the four patches for the borders and then decided that I had done enough and needed a couple of day's break from it.

The whole centre, all rows sewn together.

However on Sunday evening I was itching to make something so I looked in my scrap box and as well as sorting out some scraps into colour piles for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I also found a little baggie of bonus HSTs from trimming corners way back in the mists of time.

I wonder exactly what is in here...
...all of these!

I looked at them, counted them and pondered. Then I saw this off to one side...

...a pincushion made from little leftover pieces.

After a little pressing, trimming, sewing and quilting I now have some pinwheel pincushions in progress that will go into my etsy shop when I restock and reopen it in the next month or so.  As I have plenty more of these HSTs there will be more pincushions to come...

The top two need filling with crushed walnut shells
The bottom two need quilting and backing.

Before I can even reopen my etsy shop are things I need to sort out since moving countries, not least of which is waiting for the magic piece of paper which makes it legal for me to work over here. I have enjoyed the break from paid employment outside the home, but now I am nearly able to work I am finding myself ready to go out and do something. What I don't yet know, but this is a busy town with many opportunities, all I have to do is discover the right one for me!

Today I am linking up with Oh Scrap!

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