Monday, 13 February 2017

Weekend progress

By the end of Saturday I had all my En Provence units sewn, though not all pressed and trimmed to exact size.  On Sunday I pressed all the four patch units and finished spinning the seams to make assembly of the quilt top easier.  I did a quick calculation and the quilt top as designed will have 2868 pieces of fabric in it! Wow! Next I need to trim all these to 3.5" square then I can start putting it together.

All the units for En Provence

For a bit of light relief I organised my small scraps into bags of the same colour, this will help with the rainbow scrap challenge during the coming months, and also made 3 turquoise Dresden plates to meet the February colour choice of teal/aqua/turquoise.  All the "petals" came out of the scrap bag, no yardage was harmed in making these so I can also link to Oh Scrap! :)

The weather turned almost warm on Saturday with temperatures of over 50F (over 10C) and as the daylight faded there was much less snow on the ground than we awoke to. My tender herbs got moved out of the garage to get some light and, possibly, some rain, but I expect to need to move them back inside during the week as more cold air, and possibly snow, comes our way.

At the moment I am holding off starting any new knitting projects, though I can hear the siren song of various balls of yarn, as I have at least 4 projects that need to be finished. Of the four things one of them only needs seams and a neckband, the others need a little more, but they are all at least 80% done so I must finish at least one of them before casting on again.  I also have a barely started scarf, but as that is for me there is no great rush to carry on with that at the moment, it will probably become my in-car project when we are driving to places in the better weather.


  1. Wow! That's a lot of pieces of fabric in En Provence. It's a terrific design. Your Dresdens look like jewels in that gorgeous colour way.

    1. Thank you. Bonnie comes up with some beautiful quilts, but sometimes the number of little pieces can be a bit daunting!

  2. Look at those yummy dresdens! Those are going to be pretty. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. Congrats! on completing all the units for your En Provence AND those scrappy Dresdens for the RSC. Nice work all around!!

  4. The Dresdens are an all year project, but I hope the final layout will come together quickly when I reach it. In the meantime I shall eagerly await each month's colour choice.

  5. You have had a very productive day. Now those units are pressed, a quick trim and you will have blocks in no time.

  6. You are making sure and steady progress on En Provence. Your teal dresden plates are gorgeous.