Monday, 6 March 2017

Red in my Rainbow

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour for March is RED! So I pulled out my red scraps and crumbs ready for more Dresden plates and crumb blocks. I already have one red crumb block, so I aim to make another seven of those together with these 3 Dresden plates.

I made some OMG progess too, the quilting of the table runner is all done and I have machine sewn the bindings to the front of both the large and small table runners.  These will now go with me to my Tuesday quilting group where I will work towards getting the bindings hand sewn to the backs.

Quilting in process
Bindings ready for hand sewing

Late on Sunday I pulled out another UFO from last year's SYAO quilt retreat.  This one is called Christa's Colors and back last April I decided that my version needed more blocks to make it a more generous thrwo sized quilt.  I now have all the purple/yellow blocks completed and have moved on to red/teal and red/purple.  This will help replenish the purple and teal scraps and add to the red ones ready for my crumb blocks later in the month.  Then I'll be onto the teal/lime and the yellow/green/purple combinations!


  1. Nice selection of RED scraps put to good use!!

  2. Beautiful red Dresdens. Those last blocks you showed look really interesting. I love the colors, and can't wait to see the arrangement.

  3. I really am intriqued with your retreat quilt, can you tell me more how you are doing it? I love triangles so it caught my eye.

    1. Essentially start with a 9" long triangle tapering to a point from 4" at the wide end. Add two 9" long by 2" to 2.5" wide contrasting strips to each side then trim to 6.5" square. I don't think it would matter if your side strips were not exactly the same width all the way down either. You do get lots of odd shaped trimmings from this, but I just drop them in the crumbs bag for later use :)